Focusing on a specific range of legal topics

Granata Law is a boutique law firm serving clients in Products Liability, Landlord-Tenant and Cannabis law. By focusing on a limited number of areas and accepting a limited number of clients, we’re able to provide swift and focused service to all your legal needs. Get in touch with our knowledgeable and dedicated legal team for personalized and focused attention to your legal needs.

Products Liability Law

Makers of automotive components and other manufactured products have legal rights and responsibilities under state and federal law that are unique to manufacturers. Documentation of the design and manufacturing process is often the key to defending against claims for alleged product defects. Before law school, Peter Granata has 20 years of engineering experience working  for leading automotive component manufacturers like Lear, Magna and CooperStandard. Mr. Granata is a manufacturing insider and therefore uniquely qualified to apply your set of facts to prove your product was not defective in design, process or signage.

Landlord-Tenant Law

Property managers and owners face an assortment of possible legal issues relating to property rental ranging from demands for possession to vendor contract performance. At Granata Law, we specialize in this area of law and are committed to protect your property rights.

Michigan Cannabis Law

On November 6, 2018, Michigan voters approved the ballot proposal legalizing the recreational use of cannabis. Prospective cannabis industry licensees and investors need legal advice from license application through operations of their new businesses. Recreational cannabis law is a core practice area at Granata Law. Whether you plan to retail, grow, test or ship, Granata law has the knowledge and experience to help you align you business goals within the applicable statutes, regulations and local ordinances. Call Peter Granata to discuss your issues and goals, 248-703-8465.