In real estate and property management, an attorney is often needed to assist and advise on legal issues. The potential range of legal issues spans the spectrum from simple non-payment of rent evictions to complex breach of contract actions. You need to retain a law firm that is trained and knowledgeable about these kinds of issues. Granata Law specializes in property management legal issues. We will assist and advise you about your rights or responsibilities on every aspect of property management law.

Click on “Start an Eviction Case” for every instance where you have delivered a demand for possession, commonly known as a notice to quit or a 7-day notice due to non-payment of rent. You will be asked to provide information about:

  • The rent due date
  • When you have/will deliver demand for payments
  • The amount of rent and fines past due
  • The date you want to file the complaint for eviction
  • Whether you intend to collect a money judgment or want to file for possession only

Click on “Legal Issues” for summaries of areas of law affecting property manager’s rights and responsibilities.

Click on “Landlord Forms” for common and useful forms used by property managers

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